What is ColorVista?

This 4-color (CMYK) heat transfer process provides close registration on multi-color designs and photographs. You’ll see vivid colors, crisp details and photo-quality reproduction.

We manage the entire ColorVista imprint process in-house, including making the transfers, which provides the highest degree of quality control.

Best of all, ColorVista is an all-inclusive print process with no additional set-ups at press, so there are no screen, set-up or multi-color run charges.

Why Choose Our ColorVista Process?

ColorVista may be the ideal imprint process if you need:

  • A visual "wow" factor with stunning color and detail
  • To showcase detailed photographs or artwork of products, people, landmarks or scenery, or a creative abstract design
  • Non-woven polypropylene, polyester, or matte shopper bags

Add VistaScan

You can also add our VistaScan technology to your ColorVista imprint to make your bags interactive. We will add an imperceptible digital watermark to your imprint.

When users scan the imprint with a free mobile app, they are instantly connected to a video, web page or other online destination of your choice! Learn more.

ColorVista Art Specifications

Available on non-woven polypropylene, polyester, and uncoated paper bags.

Printing Method: 4-COLOR PROCESS (CMYK)

Color Profile: CMYK—North American Prepress 2

Resolution: 300 PPI Minimum / 600 PPI Maximum

Programs and Formats We Accept

Adobe Illustrator — Our Preferred Vector Art Program
Save as native Illustrator .ai file, or Illustrator Default PDF with the “Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities” box check-marked. Please convert all fonts to outlines/paths/curves.

Adobe Photoshop — Our Preferred Raster Art Program
Save files as native Photoshop .psd or layered TIFF. Preserve transparent backgrounds. Layers and Smart Objects gladly accepted.

Adobe InDesign (Macintosh version only)
Please PACKAGE the file and include all fonts and links. Please do not use any third-party plug-ins—if they are used, we will be unable to process your art.

Corel Draw
Export as an Illustrator .ai file choosing the highest Illustrator version available from your menu, or save as a Corel .cdr file or Adobe PDF. Please convert all fonts to outlines/paths/curves.

Unacceptable Programs and Formats

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, any Office programs from other vendors, website images, faxes, copies of faxes, photocopies, film negatives or positives, slides, low resolution laser printed artwork, letterhead, business cards, napkins, actual imprinted or embroidered products.

Font and Line Rules

Minimum Sizes if free floating on the bag:

Fonts–18 point. Thin serif font styles are not recommended. Please convert all fonts to outlines/paths/curves.
Lines/Rules–3 point.

If we do not have the exact font you used, the text in your art will “default” to a less attractive font, changing the look of your design. Converting your fonts to outlines, paths, or curves eliminates this hazard by changing your fonts into vector shapes. This ensures that your artwork will print exactly how you expect it to look.

Pantone® Solid Formula Colors

PMS solid spot colors are converted to corresponding CMYK formulas to achieve close equivalents. Please consult a PANTONE+ Color Bridge–Coated guidebook to view how your PMS Solid Color will look once converted to CMYK. PMS color matching is not available.

A Special Note About The ColorVista Process

The COLORVISTA process requires an adhesive layer on the backside of the artwork. This results in a very fine outline around the artwork to insure proper adhesion and is color matched to the bag color.