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Product Glossary

Basis Weight
The weight in pounds of a ream (500 sheets) of paper to a given standard size for that grade; e.g., 500 sheets, 25" x 30", of 70 pound white Kraft shopping bag paper would weigh 70 pounds.
Bridge Handle Bag
A bag with briefcase style handles that snaps closed. Made from hard rigid plastic, it is heat sealed to top of bag and can be described as "Snap Loop" or "Carrier Style".
Clay Coat
Bleach Kraft paper that is coated with a liquid application of Kayolin Clay in the manufacturing process to provide a gloss finish. Clay-coated papers are used when high-quality color and print detail are desired. Trade names are known as "Crystalcote", "Higlo", and "Radiant Coat".
The process in which plain or pre-printed paper or poly film is mechanically machined or hand made into a fully finished or partially-finished bag.
Double Wall Bag
A bag that is made out of two layers of poly film. The outer layer is usually clear.
Draw-Closure Bag
Closure for this bag is made from either a choice of poly tape or cotton string. These materials are inserted through a heat sealed fold-over hem at the top of the bag.
Emulsion Side
The side of the photographic film that is coated with a silver halide emulsion.
The primary panels of a bag. Front is considered where the primary design or message appears. Back is utilized for the same imprint or for a secondary imprint. Front and back are differentiated when there are side and bottom gussets. The back is identified where the fold of the bottom gusset occurs.
Flat Bag
Poly bag that has no side or bottom gussets. Can be made with or without a die cut handle.
Fold-Over Die Cut Handle Bag
Poly bag in which the material at the top of the bag is folded over to the inside and heat sealed. This fold-over characteristic provides double reinforcement around entire top. Handle is an oval cut out within the fold over area.
The thickness of poly material. Can be measured in mils (English) or microns (metric).
Grams Per Square Meter (GSM)
The measured density of non-woven polypropylene material. Generally, the higher the number designation, the denser and more durable the material.
The side and/or bottom measurements of a bag.
High-Density Plastic
A type of plastic typically having a stiffer feel or mil thickness.
A paper containing unbleached wood pulp, brown in color, made by the sulfite process. Also referred to as "Natural Kraft".
Brown Kraft paper that is put through a bleaching process to achieve its white color.
A plastic film bonded by heat and pressure to a material for protection or appearance. Can be supplied as gloss or matte finish.
Low-Density Plastic
A type of poly film typically feeling softer and having more gloss and elasticity to it. Most popular as base material for fold-over die cuts, soft loop handles, draw closures and litter bags.
Abbreviation for a quantity of 1,000 units.
Matte Finish
Flat paper finish without gloss or luster.
A highly sensitive measuring device used to provide the mil thickness of poly bags.
The metric measurement used to describe the thickness of poly. One micron is one one-thousandth of a mil.
The English measurement used to describe the thickness of poly. One mil is one one-thousandth of an inch.
The property of paper or poly film that minimizes the show-through of printing from the back side of the printed area.
Patch Handle Bag
A straight cut top plastic bag with a heat sealed reinforcing patch attached to the inside of the bag around the area designated for the die cut. An oval shaped handle is cut through both the bag and patch for carrying.
Post-Printed Bags
Any bag that is printed or hot stamped after the bag has been manufactured. Allows for small quantities to be printed with faster lead times.
A measure of 500 sheets of paper.
Serrated Automatic Handle Bag
A bag that is machine converted with four sides (front, back, and 2 side gussets) and bottom. Top edge has a "saw tooth" edge specifically designed to prevent paper cuts.
Single Wall Bags
Poly bags manufactured from a single layer of plastic. Single wall bag varieties are the most typical of all poly bag choices.
Soft Loop Handle Bag
A handled bag made with soft poly loops heat sealed to a folded top. One of the most comfortable versions of poly bags.
Self Opening Style. Four bag sides and bottom, with no handle, and serrated-top edge. Generally known for use as lunch bags and grocery style in a variety of sizes.
A pre-drawn detailed mechanical layout of a particular bag. Considered a great aid for artists and designers to insure proper art position.
T-Shirt Style
A side gusseted poly bag with side strap handles. Best identified as the poly bag of choice by national supermarket chains.